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There are two easily available collection of the abhangs of Eknath, one the Tukaram Tatya edition of 1903, containing 2754 abhangs, including 47by Bhanudas; another, and a more recent edition by Trymbak Hari Avate in 1924, and consisting of 4001 abhangs. Contents of the 4001 abhangs . These abhangs cover a great varity of subjects, mostly of course, of astrictly religious nature, but others are especially suited for use in worship, at festivels, and even games.A detailet analysis would be out of place here. In general, however, they are not philosophis, but have to do with the practical religious life, of relationship to god and man.

These abhangs of Eknath, are well worth careful study, for they pertain to the many sides of man`s relationship toward God and man, and if they can be trusted as really the work of Eknath, they are through the light of his won personal life and character.


Some famous Abhang are as follows..
1. Omkar Swarupa
2. Kaya hi Pandhari
3. Bhav Dharuniya

  Now a days also Sant Eknath Maharaj alive in common people below is the best example of that.

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