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Biography Of Sant Eknath Maharaj
Born in 1533 A.D. at Paithan

Lineage and earliest known ancestor

  Suryanvanshi Bhaskar Kulkarni, Mhaisal
  Greatgrandfather  :  Sant Bhanudas Maharaj
  Grandfather :  Chakrapani , Grandmother : Sarswati
  Father : Surynarayan , Mother : Rukhmini

From 1545 to 1555 with this guru. Killedar Sant Janardan Swami at his residence on Devgiri hill fort. Sadhana and vision of Lord Dattatreya at Shulbhanjan mountain in 1553. Guropadesh (initiation by guru) on Phalgun, Vadya 6 th (6 th day of the second half of the twelth month according to Hindu calender) in 1553.

Embarked on pilgrimage with his Sadguru in 1553.

During the first lap of pilgrimage at Traimbakeshwar, at guru`s instance, commenced compositing in Marathi his first major works Chatuhshloki Bhagwat comprising 1036 verses in ovi form.

On his return from pilgrimage, married to girijabai.

In their worldly life, the couple hailed.Nath as’Shantibrahma’ indescribable epitome of peace and bliss.
Girija sa ‘ Shantisauta’ perennial holy river of peace and bliss

Offsprings : Daughters – Goda and Ganga ,   Son- Haripandit

Writings :

  Major  works - Eknathi Bhagwat , Rukmini  Svayamvar, Bhawarth Ramayan (1 st half)
  Minor Works (Short Writings) - Philosophical subjects : Chatuhshloki Bhagwat, Hastmalak, Shukashtak, Swatmasukh, Anandalahari, Chiranjeevipad

Compositions, aggregating over 75000 pieces, comprising - Abhangs, Poems, Gawalani, Bharuda Discourses, Stotras, Biographical sketche, aratis

Special events in regard to spiritual works :

  Rukmini Svayamvar in Uttar Kashi
Completion of Nath bhagwat – Marathi
Composition on Bhagwat- in Kashi -Ceremonial procession of Nathbhagwat duty placed with honour on an elephant.

Inspirational deeds

  Repair and rejuvenation of Samadhi shrine of Sant Dnyaneshwar (after perceiving a direction in a vision in his dream)
Editing Dnyaneshwari, restoring its original pwuity of theology and verbalization.

Attitude of treating every being with the same love, kindness and compassion.

  Lifting and holding in his arms, a child, from the so called untouchable class. Getting her feet burnt on blistering sana.
Pouring “gangajal” , holy water of river Ganga, in the month of a donkey writhing in pain .
Feeding hungry people from downtrodden class with food cooked for the remembrance ceremony in honour of dead ancestors.

Inspiring the generd populace through:

  Daily sessions of bhajan and kirtana
Nightly entertainment through bharuda, using popular yet intricate folkore or adage to convey profound human values.
Discourses on scriptures

Spreading path of bhakti :

  Strengthened following of Bhagwat Dharma
Introduced nuance in practice of bhakti
Propagated through “Advait Bhaktisutra”
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