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In today`s world of interdepedence, rapid globalisation and fast diminishing prospects of peace, there is urgent need of remind ourselves of human values inherent in collective psyche of the humankind, with this objective in mind, Sansthan Shree Sant Eknath Maharaj Vishwast Mandal, Paithan is portraying the unique biography of the epitome of peace & bliss, "Shantibrahma", Sant Eknath Maharaj through this wesite.
Sant Eknath Maharaj, whose name made the ancient city of Pratisthan, today known as Paithan, famous far & wide, lived during the reign of Bahamani rulers in the sixteenth century. The website is designed to provide insight into Sant Eknath Maharaj`s.
- revolutionary work of ushering paradigm shift in social attitudes while facing onsalught of alien rule, language & supression;
- enormous literary works in Marathi, the language of the common man, written primarity for uplifting & awakening the general populace;

Biography highlighting his personality as

- saviour of the downtrodden & forlorn, while leading his life as a common householder.

- one who perceived the Lord in every living being.

- an apostle of the eternal Bhagwat dharma as a way of life.

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